​Three Things You Can Do Today To Reduce Forklift Speeding


​Three Things You Can Do Today To Reduce Forklift Speeding

​Three Things You Can Do Today To Reduce Fork…

1st Jul 2020

Forklift over-speeding not only exposes operators and pedestrians to fatal accidents but it is also damaging to components like forklift tires which heat up then develop baldness from the subsequent braking.

Even though OSHA does emphasize the importance of using speed limits as a measure of control for over-speeding, the speed limit applied largely depends on the nature of different operating environments.

Three strategies that you can adopt today to control speeding in your warehouse are - speed control devices, speed bumps, and speed signs.

Speed Control Devices

Even well-trained forklift operators can fall into the temptation of over-speeding to in a rush to complete tasks, therefore, a forklift speed limiter can help keep them in check.

The forklift speed limiter works by restraining the speed the forklift can operate within a preset speed limit deemed to be safe.

It does not affect the performance of the forklift but only controls the engine RPM when the forklift exceeds the speed limit.

Other benefits that come with using the forklift speed limiter is improved fuel efficiency and reduced wear and tear on the move-able forklift parts.

Speed Bumps

If you run a fleet of forklifts and are looking for a much cheaper version speed control mechanism then you can make use of speed bumps.

They are usually installed on the pathways used by forklifts and work to slow down the approaching forklifts, therefore, limiting them to a given speed limit.

The ideal places to install them are accident-prone areas like intersections and crosswalks where the forklift operators might not be aware of oncoming traffic.

They are mostly painted in high visibility coatings of alternating black and yellow sections to encourage the forklift operator to slow down.

Speed Signs

Once you have outlined the acceptable speed limits for your facility, it is important to install speed signs in certain sections.

The speed signs are effective when it comes to reinforcing the speed limits requirements for the forklift operators during operation.

For them to be effective, you should ensure they are highly legible and are installed in high traffic areas where both forklifts and pedestrians operate nearby.

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