Three Important Factors That Will Keep Your Forklift In Top Condition


Three Important Factors That Will Keep Your Forklift In Top Condition

Three Important Factors That Will Keep Your F…

24th Jul 2020

A typical forklift battery can last up to 5 years which is around 1,500 cycles. However, not many forklift batteries last this long as they are not subjected to proper use and maintenance standards. In this article, we narrow down to three important aspects that you should focus on to keep your forklift battery operating perfectly.

Ensure The Forklift Is Properly Watered

Frequently watering your forklift battery can greatly improve its life cycle and efficiency.

The water is key to maintain an optimal mix between the chemicals and electrolytes that generate the currents used to power the forklift.

Always ensure you water your forklift battery after every charge cycle and during watering keep the level at about one-half inch below the battery cap opening.

Adding water to your forklift battery should only be done once the forklift battery has cooled down. A single point watering system should make your watering process seamless.

You should set up a schedule to water your forklift batteries weekly or twice per month and emphasis should be placed in using distilled water.

Ensure The Battery Is Properly Charged

Charging your forklift battery as prescribed by the manufacturer will save you frequent downtime and ensure it performs the best.

The first thing that you should do to ensure efficient charging is setting up a battery room that will specifically be used for charging your forklift batteries.

An ideal battery room should be well ventilated, protected from cold, heat, moisture as these elements are damaging to the forklift battery.

As a rule of thumb, only charge your forklift battery when the charge is depleted by 20-30%. If you charge your forklift every single time you will end up overcharging it and this will significantly reduce the life cycle of the forklift battery.

Allow ample charging time for the forklift battery, normally you should set aside up to 8 hours of continuous with charging zero interruptions for the acid to be properly distributed in the forklift battery.

Ensure The Forklift Battery/Components Do Not Overheat

During operations, charging or discharging the forklift battery can warm-up, however, when this heat is excessive then can cause major problems that will affect your forklift battery life.

The heating usually causes an expansion and contraction of the components of the forklift battery which makes them wear out much faster.

Therefore when a forklift battery is consistently overheated its life cycle will be greatly diminished. It is recommended that you allow the forklift to properly cool down before you can use it for a shift to avoid dangerous heat build-up.


There are several factors that can contribute to diminishing the life cycle of your forklift. These factors are excessive heat, improper charging, inconsistent watering. You should, therefore, make time for cooling down of your forklifts and discourage overloading. Ensure the forklift is properly charged and afterward take appropriate measures to water the forklift.

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