​The Key Differences Between Scissor Lift and Boom Lift


​The Key Differences Between Scissor Lift and Boom Lift

​The Key Differences Between Scissor Lift and…

26th Mar 2020

Aerial lifts are key to material handling operations which require operators to be elevated to certain heights in order to handle ariel operations.

Two of the most common ariel lifts are the boom lift and the scissor lifts which appear similar but they have very distinctive features that make them suitable for different tasks.

In this article, we look at some of the key differences between the two.

Platform Size

Both the scissor lift and the boom lift are structured to support workers on a platform as they access ariel areas.

However, scissor lifts usually offer a much wider platform that can support multiple workers at the same time. Therefore they are more preferable for operations that demand teamwork.

On the other hand, the boom lift comes with a narrower platform that in most cases can only host one worker comfortably.

Lift heights

One other differentiating factor between the scissor lifts and boom lifts is the lift heights. The scissor lifts are normally designed to handle operations that require a height of up to 50 feet.

However, the boom lifts normally offer a reach of up to 120 feet which makes them preferable for operations that require such heights.


Both the boom lift and the scissor lift come with different structures that define the range of movement they can offer. However, the scissor lifts can only extend vertically which makes them a bit rigid once they are elevated.

Boom lifts are designed to extend to different angles even when they are elevated allowing for more reach. For this reason, their maneuverability is much higher and this can be which can be a great time-saver in some operations.

Article Summary:

The key differences between the scissor lift and the boom lift can be classified into three categories;

Platform size: the scissor lifts tend to have a much wider platform in comparison to the boom lift enabling them to handle more people.

Lift heights: while the scissor lifts can achieve heights desirable for some operations, the boom lifts can be elevated to twice their heights.

Maneuverability: The boom lifts can be adjusted to different angles while the scissor lifts can only be elevated vertically.

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