Six Measurements You Need To Understand Before Operating A Forklift

Six Measurements You Need To Understand Before Operating A Forklift

11th Jul 2020

Forklifts come in different dimensions that are a key determinant for safe operations in different spaces.

For forklift operators/owners to pick the right forklifts for their work spaces, they need to understand the dimensions of those forklifts and figure out if they are a fit for their warehouses.

In this article, we look at some of these dimensions and why they are important to understand.

Overall Lowered Height

The Overall Lowered Height refers to the length of the forklift mast from the floor up to its top once the forks are lowered. Knowing this measurement helps you figure out if you can operate safely with adequate clearance without causing damage to doorways, low-hanging fixtures in ceilings/aisles, and semi-trucks.

Overall Raised Height

The Overall Raised Height is the length of the mast when it is fully extended with the forks achieving their maximum possible height.

Understanding this measurement will help you determine the suitability of your forklift accessing the highest placed inventory in a rack without striking fixtures on the ceilings, overhead fixtures like sprinkler systems, and the roof of trucks.

Free Fork Height

The Free Fork Height is the maximum height the forks can achieve without the extension of the mast.

Knowledge of this height is very critical to prevent damage to the racks or pallets as it helps you establish the suitability of the forklift to access the topmost placed pallets without problems.

Maximum Fork Height

The Maximum Fork Height is the highest height the forks can achieve with the mast fully extended.

If your warehouse lacks adequate clearance to accommodate a fully extended mast, it can present problems like damage to the racks and pallets since you will not be able to properly access the goods.

Overhead Guard Height

The overhead guard height is the length of the forklift from the floor to the top of the overhead guard.

Some forklifts are designed with the overhead guard height longer than the overall lowered height.

Knowledge of this height ensures you can operate the forklifts through doorways and trucks without damage.

Overall Length and Width

The overall length is the measurement of the forklift from the tip of the forklifts/attachments to the back of the forklift.

On the other hand, the overall width of the forklift is the measurement of the forklift from one side to another.

These two measurements are very important for determining the turning radius of the forklift which helps establish how long and wide your aisles should be to prevent accidents.

Therefore before you can pick a forklift, you need to understand some of its very important dimensions like the overall lowered height, overall raised height, Free fork height, Maximum fork height, Overall Guard Height, Overall Length and Width.

It is this knowledge that will help you pick a forklift that you can operate in your warehouses without any damages.

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