Six Important Factors To Consider While Buying A Used Forklift

Six Important Factors To Consider While Buying A Used Forklift

8th Oct 2020

Purchasing a used forklift can be very rewarding if you find one that is in good condition. First, you will enjoy improved efficiency that will, in turn, boost your profits. Brand new forklifts are quite expensive so you will get to save so much money by purchasing a used forklift.

However, if you are not keen, it is very easy for you to purchase a forklift that is faulty. Eventually, it will not only cost you more but also put your staff at risk. For you to avoid such a scenario, I have compiled some of the factors you have to consider to ensure you get the right used forklift.

Do A Test Drive

One of the things you can do to ensure you are getting value for your money is to request to take the forklift for a test drive. When you do this you put yourself in a great position to notice any malfunctions that it might have.

Most faulty forklifts usually have a lot of knocking on the engines and they also produce abnormal sounds when in motion.

Ensure that you check the type of engine that the forklift has and its condition. During the test drive, you should also check that the controls, mast and the lights are working properly.

Wear and Tear On The Tires

The tires are very important to the efficient operation of the forklift. Therefore, before you can buy a forklift make sure you check for any form of wear and tear on the tires. Normally, the surface of forklift tires that are in good condition should not touch the 50% wear line or have any tears on the surface. This is key as purchasing a forklift with such tires is not only costly but exposes you to great safety risks. So if you notice any of these signs ask the seller to replace them in advance so that you don’t have to bear that cost.

Damages On The Forks

The forks are usually directly involved in the carrying of the load which makes them a critical factor in your purchase decision. You should carefully evaluate the surface of the forks for any cracks which are a major sign of damage. Another sign that the forks are not in good condition is the difference in size in the length of their tips. If the forks are also bent and do not exhibit any evenness on the surface then they need to be replaced. Generally, if the wear and tear on the forks exceed more than 10% of their total thickness they're considered not fit for use.

Leakages On The Hoses

You should also check the hoses to find out if they are in good condition. One of the major signs that a hose is not in good condition is usually the presence of leakages. These leakages are very dangerous as they can easily cause slip and fall incidences that will lead to damage of goods and injury to the operators. The risk they pose to the operators is high degree burns on the skin. Also ensure that the outer jacket of the hose is not damaged as any damage on it might lead to rusting of the internal reinforcement that eventually breaks leading to leakages.

Dents on the Overhead Guard

You should also ensure that the overhead guard is not damaged. A sure sign that the forklift was involved in an accident is the presence of any knocks on the overhead guard. OSHA regulations are very clear that when any industrial equipment has any form of damage that puts the operators at risk it needs to be taken out for service. So if you notice any damages on the overhead guard ensure that it is repaired before you conclude your purchase.

A used forklift in good condition can be a very good investment if you consider these factors. You can also request for the background and the service record of the forklift to get a picture of the kind of handling it has been subjected to by the owner. In addition to that do a test drive to confirm that its mechanical capabilities are in top shape. Look out for any wear and tear on the tires which is a sure sign that they need replacement. The forks, overhead guard and the hoses should also be free of any damages. 

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