Preventing Blind spot Accidents Using Convex Safety Mirrors


Preventing Blind spot Accidents Using Convex Safety Mirrors

Preventing Blind spot Accidents Using Convex …

12th Feb 2020

One common accident today in most warehouses and loading dock areas usually results when pedestrians get crushed by forklifts. In most cases, these accidents will happen in blind spot areas in the warehouse due to poor visibility. However, this can be solved through the use of convex safety mirrors.

So What is a convex Safety Mirror?

A convex safety mirror is a cylindrical/dome-shaped mirror designed to offer a 90/180/360-degree view to allow forklift operators and pedestrians proper view around blind spot areas.

They are usually installed on walls or posts using wall mount brackets or post mount brackets respectively.

However convex safety mirrors are not a one size fits all solution, you will have to work closely with suppliers to ensure you have the right fit.

Important Factors To Consider While Selecting Convex Safety Mirrors.

Location Of Installation

Depending on the location of the blind spot, you have the option of installing the safety mirror either indoors or outdoors.

However, you should ensure that the convex mirrors are installed in a place where they will offer the best visibility no matter the angles involved.

You should also ensure you consider the different elements like heat or harsh weather the mirrors will be exposed to whether they are installed indoors or outdoors.

Properties And Material

Since safety mirrors are designed to serve in different areas you should consider their properties and the material they are made of to establish if they match your needs.

For instance, you should go for heat resistant convex mirrors if you intend to use them in a hot environment.

In case you want to install them outdoors then make sure that they are UV resistant to prevent damage by the sun.

Other important properties are fog/frost resistance and self-cleaning.

You can also choose the convex safety mirrors based on the kind of material that can withstand different conditions.

Those made of poly-carbonate material are very hard to break and come with reflective capacities. While those made of acrylic can survive impacts of different magnitudes in addition to providing great reflection.


How much area they cover and what material the convex safety mirrors are made of is also very important. The bigger the mirror the bigger the area that will be covered in terms of visibility which is a major boost for safety.

The size of the convex safety mirror you pick will also depend on the area, you need to be covered and the location of the safety mirror.

Every inch of the diameter on the convex mirror should cover one foot of square space.

Article Summary

Therefore it is important to ensure that you support both the pedestrians and forklift operators in your warehouse with better visibility using convex safety mirrors.

Doing so will help provide much-needed safety in blind-spot areas.

You should consider the following factors when selecting one; location of installation, properties/material and the size of the mirrors. 

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