​LPG Forklifts: Their Benefits and Safety Measures To Consider While Handling LPG Cylinders


​LPG Forklifts: Their Benefits and Safety Measures To Consider While Handling LPG Cylinders

​LPG Forklifts: Their Benefits and Safety Mea…

25th May 2021

Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) forklifts which are also simply referred to as propane forklifts are great for both indoor and outdoor work.

You can easily tell them apart as they usually have a gas cylinder safely attached to the back of the forklift.

When it comes to functionality the forklifts are known for their amazing ground covering speeds. However those are not their only benefits, so what other benefits do they come with?

1) Reduced Incidences Of Downtime

Frequent downtime can increase the cost of operations to your business since they reduce the productivity of your committed resources.

However, you can cut down on these costs using propane-powered forklifts as they can operate on 100% consistent power for longer shifts.

Unlike the electric forklifts that might need to recharge after several hours, the propane forklifts can run up to 8-24 hours without stopping.

2) Support a Healthy Work Environment

At the end of the day, the safety of your forklift operators is also crucial and LPG forklifts contribute to that by a great degree.

They generate very low noise levels, therefore, they do not expose your operators to high levels of noise which can be damaging to ears.

During operations, they usually generate non-toxic emissions with low carbon content when compared to their diesel counterparts that generate high levels of carbon compounds. Apart from being safe for operators, they are also good for the environment.

You will also love it that they come fitted with automatic shut-off sensors that prevent the flow of fuel in case of accidents. This is ideal for preventing the leaking of fuel.

3) Low Acquisition Costs

The LPG gas that is used to power forklifts usually comes in a cylinder and this has several benefits. First, it reduces the cost of acquiring an LPG forklift compared to an electric forklift which needs installations of supporting infrastructures like charging stations and chargers.

The LPG gas cylinder will only need a simple replacement of the cylinder when the liquid propane is depleted. Therefore, you only need to be in touch with a great forklift cylinder exchange service.

Therefore if you run operations that last for longer periods you might want to consider the LPG forklifts since they can run for longer periods without the need to refill.

They are also environmentally safe and great for the safety of your operators. If the cost of acquisition is important to you then you will find them much cheaper to acquire.

Safety Measures To Take When Handling LPG Forklifts

LPG forklifts are usually very popular for use for both indoor and outdoor material handling applications. However, since they use liquid gas, improper handling of the cylinders will always result in safety problems considering LPG is highly flammable. So what does it take to guarantee safety when handling LPG gas?

1) Proper Storage

You should always ensure that you store the LPG cylinders in a safe secluded space. The ideal storage area should eliminate any chances of the cylinders getting tampered with or damaged.

The space should also be free of any heat sources, excessive temperatures or exposure to fire sources.

In the storage area, the cylinders should have additional mechanisms like chains that hold them into position and prevent them from falling.

Finally, the area should be accessed by authorized personnel only.

2) Proper Personal Protective Equipment

Damaged cylinders or those with loose valves usually result in leakages. These leakages can be dangerous if they are exposed to the skin or eyes of the operators.

To ensure chances of such accidents are minimized ensure you properly kit those manning the storage area with P.P.E (Personal Protective Equipment).

For instance, gloves will prevent them from getting cold burns from the leaking gas coming into contact with the hands and eye protection will ensure their eyes are safe from the blinding effects of the gas.

3) Proper Maintenance

If you choose to maintain the LPG gas cylinders by yourself ensure that the maintenance is handled by authorized personnel. The components they use of the cylinders should be manufacturer authorized or of high quality.

The area they operate from should also be properly ventilated since LPG gas has the potential to collect into small pockets in poorly ventilated areas that will eventually ignite when exposed to sparks.

Therefore ensure that you provide proper storage for the LPG cylinders and encourage your operators to use proper P.P.E during operation. It is also important that you provide great maintenance through certified professionals.

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