​Improving Forklift Safety Using A Forklift Lighting System


​Improving Forklift Safety Using A Forklift Lighting System

​Improving Forklift Safety Using A Forklift L…

26th Feb 2020

Forklift enhancements usually play a big role in forklift safety. One such enhancement that is proving important is the forklift lighting system.

According to OSHA regulations, the only forklift lighting component that is mandatory to install is the forklift headlight in instances where the work environment has the lighting of 2 lumens per square foot and below.

Although in such cases the headlight would be enough to meet the regulations, additional lights on a forklift can help improve forklift safety and should, therefore, be considered.

A good forklift lighting system should not only allow an operator proper visibility but keep pedestrians away from the forklift from the front, side and rear.

Forward Visibility

The vision of the forklift operator is a very important aspect of forklift safety. In most cases, accidents involving pedestrians getting crushed are usually due to poor visibility.

One of the major causes of this is poorly lit warehouses or work environments.

To ensure the vision of the forklift operator is not affected due to poor visibility ensure that you install forklift headlights. The headlights not only illuminate the path of the forklift operator but also help pedestrians know of approaching forklifts.

Side Visibility

Pedestrians are normally required to steer clear of the forklift’s path whether it’s from the front or the side. Since the forklift makes so many turns in the course of operation any pedestrian on the side risks getting crushed.

To ensure that the pedestrians always maintain a safe distance away from the forklift consider installing sidelights on the forklift. These lights are usually designed to mark a zone on the sides of the forklift using ultra-bright LED light that is visible even in darker rooms.

Rear Visibility

It is also important to ensure the visibility of the forklift is enhanced from behind. This is especially important in busy operations where there is a lot of forklift and pedestrian traffic.

For this purpose, you can consider installing the forklift tail or braking lights.

These lights usually alert the pedestrians that a forklift is in operation so that they do not come too close. They also help notify other approaching forklift operators whether the forklift ahead is stationary or in motion.

After the installation of the lights, you should ensure that they are properly maintained to keep them in great working condition. If you have a fleet of forklifts, ensure the lighting on all of them is the same to avoid confusing pedestrians on what each light means. Inhouse training will also help them understand what each light means and how to respond.

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