Important Pre-Operation Forklift Checks For Forklift Safety


Important Pre-Operation Forklift Checks For Forklift Safety

Important Pre-Operation Forklift Checks For F…

30th Oct 2020

First of all, I would like to commend you for prioritizing the maintenance of your forklift because when it is done right it can save you a lot of costs and damages. 

Well, when it comes to the internal combustion forklift the pre-operation checks are divided into two categories; Engine off checks and Engine on Checks.

Perform Checks While The Forklift Engine is Off

You will start by checking for an oil leak from the engine. The hydraulic fluid and the brake fluid should be at an appropriate level if not then make a refill. Sometimes the vital connections on the battery can become loose during operations so check that they are tight. Also, ensure that all delicate parts of the engine are not exposed.

The tires should be your next stop. Check if they have the right amount of pressure and if they are hyper-inflated or have a lower pressure adjust the pressure to optimal levels. Something else you can check on the tires is any wear and tear. The bolts holding the tires should also be tight enough.

The overhead guard is very important for your safety against falling objects so check if it is fit for use. For any unexpected accidents make sure that the seat belts are in proper condition. 

The controls should also be well labeled and indicating the right direction on multiple tests. If your load back extension is in place make sure it is not loose, cracked or bent.

Finally, check if the indicator lights (Warning, head and tail lights) are not damaged and if the load reading plate in proper working condition.

Perform Checks While The Forklift Engine is On

The first thing you should check when the engine is on is if the engine runs smoothly and does not emit any sparks or leaks. You should be very keen to listen to the sounds the engine makes. 

If the sound is abnormal it should be reported or worked on immediately. Look out for any grabbing when you try out the brake and clutch. The parking brake should also function as expected.

Test the lights (Tail, head, and warning) to see if they are all working. Is the turn signal working? If it does, then try the horn and the emergency alarm to see if they are functioning as required.

As the engine is running try out the drive controls and see if they are up to mark. See to it that the steering is responsive, the accelerator is functional and that there is no drifting with the lift, lower and lift controls.

All these checks will not take you more than five minutes. You should make sure that as you are doing them anything that is abnormal is noted down and correctly referenced for correction.

Only return the forklift back to operation once the necessary repairs have been done to match the recommended safety standards.

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