​Five Forklift Oil Change Mistakes You Should Avoid


​Five Forklift Oil Change Mistakes You Should Avoid

​Five Forklift Oil Change Mistakes You Should…

26th Jun 2020

One of the things you will need to do as part of your monthly forklift maintenance is changing the oil that gets depleted during use.

Failure to change the different oils in the forklift can lead to a serious downtime since some components like the hydraulic parts and the engine need the oil to function properly.

However, like most maintenance routines, it is not enough that it is done but that it is done right. So what are some of the mistakes one should avoid while for a successful oil change?

Using the Wrong Oil

Not only is it important to use the right amount of oil but to ensure the right oil is used.

The wrong forklift oil will not have the right additives to help prevent your forklift engine from an early breakdown.

It will also not improve your forklifts fuel economy which will prove costly to you.

Luckily the manufacturer always specifies the right oil to use for the different components of your forklift so it is important to stick to that.

Parking On Uneven Ground

Once you are done changing the oil on your forklift, ensure it is parked on a level surface before you can check the oil levels.

The fluid nature of oil means it will occupy any unfilled space as it seeks to align with the inclination of the surface the forklift is parked

If the surface is uneven, your dipstick will provide inaccurate oil levels which will mislead you to operate the forklift with inadequate oil. Therefore ensure you are parked on a level surface.

Not Recording Oil Change Date

Before you even begin to change the oil on your forklift you need to record the date of the oil change.

It will help you to know when next to change your oil and also help you provide accurate information during compliance checks.

Typically, you should change your forklift oil monthly or after every 250 hours but having it on record will help the next person know when they should do it.

Failing To Check For Leaks

After you have successfully changed the oil on your forklift, you need to restart the engine and ensure that there are no leaks.

If there is oil leaking out of your lift truck then it means that there are parts that weren't properly re-installed after the oil change.

Therefore check the area around the drain plug and oil filter then reinstall them properly. To be sure, check for leaks immediately, after one hour and periodically until you are satisfied.

Article Summary

The top mistakes you should avoid while changing the oil on your forklift are;

  1. Not parking the forklift on even ground which will lead to inaccurate readings of the forklift levels.
  2. Using the wrong oil which will affect the engine's efficiency or even damage it.
  3. Failure to record the oil change date is key information to guide scheduled maintenance.
  4. Operating the forklift without checking for leaks to ensure the oil change was done properly. 

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