Consider These Three Tips For Safe Forklift Operations

Consider These Three Tips For Safe Forklift Operations

21st Oct 2020

Forklift accidents remain a huge concern for warehouse managers, forklift operators and pedestrians during operations.

Therefore warehouses managers should always ensure they complement their training efforts with other measures that help enhance forklift safety.

In today's safety Wednesday article we look at three things you can do to enhance safety in your forklift operations.

Make use of Forklift LED Lights

A common accident in the warehouse today happens when forklifts crash into pedestrians.

However, LED lights can prevent the occurrence of such accidents since they mark a visible border between the forklifts and the pedestrians.

This ensures they do not come too close to be exposed to accidents like the tail swing.

You will also get value for money when you install these LED light since they are highly durable, easy to install and are environment-friendly.

Other benefits:

They help capture the attention of the pedestrians ensuring they stay away from harm.

They do not warm up which means they will not make the forklift operator uncomfortable due to increased temperatures.

Installation Of A Camera System

When the view of the forklift operator is diminished the chances of an accident happening increase rapidly.

An innovation that is proving very key to improve the visibility of the forklift operator is the camera system.

It is useful especially when they are placing or retrieving loads on a height of more than 6 m. In such cases, the chances of the loads falling are also minimal since the operator is more alert.

Other Benefits:

They help reduce the presence of blind spots on the areas around the forklift.

They minimize the costs incurred due to damage to goods by enhancing operational safety.

They boost the productivity of forklift operators which is good for overall efficiency.

Use Forklift Safety Labels

Continuous training of forklift operators is important however what they learn in training should always be re-emphasized using visual safety labels.

One of the most effective visual aid is the forklift safety label. These stickers are usually attached strategically on the forklift to remind forklift operators of the various safety precautions that they need to take in different situations.

The good thing with these stickers is that they are cheap and so cost shouldn't be a hindrance if you manage a large fleet and you need to purchase a lot of them.

Other Benefits:

They do not require any specialized skill to apply and therefore can be replaced as needed.

They cover different messages, therefore, you can find one that meets your needs.

They are durable and so you can trust them to serve their purpose for a long time.

Even though forklift accidents are commonplace you can take up several measures that will prevent them. You could use the forklift safety LED lights that are vital for keeping the pedestrians and the forklifts separate. Another measure you can take is the use of a forklift camera that will improve the view of your operators by a great degree. Since you need to consistently emphasize on safety, you should also consider using the forklift safety labels. 

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