​3 Ways You Can Prevent Your Forklift From Overheating


​3 Ways You Can Prevent Your Forklift From Overheating

​3 Ways You Can Prevent Your Forklift From Ov…

5th May 2020

If you have ever operated a forklift then you have probably experienced an overheating one. In most cases, a forklift overheating can be prevented so that it operates optimally. In this article, we look at some of the ways you can do that;

Proper Maintenance

Like every heavy machinery, forklifts usually require frequent maintenance to ensure they operate normally.

During maintenance, it is possible to identify broken fans which are key to cooling the radiators. You will also be able to pick out debris accumulating on the radiator preventing airflow that eventually leads to heating.

Low coolant levels can also be identified during the process to ensure timely repairs or refilling is done.

Every forklift should, therefore, managed under a maintenance plan that is adhered to.

Proper Operation

Some times the main cause of the overheating can be the improper use the forklift is subjected to during operation.

One of the key ways this happens is when the forklift is constantly overloaded during operations. Subjecting the forklift to prolonged use without breaks will also make it overheat.

You should, therefore, ensure that your operators are trained or retrained on the proper ways of handling the forklifts.

Environmental protection

Weather elements or the working environment the forklift is used in can also expose the forklift to overheating.

For instance, if you operate your forklift outdoors for long periods in an environment with high temperatures it will heat up pretty quickly. It is therefore important to ensure they are operated in shifts if you have a fleet or take frequent breaks if you only have one.

Something else that will make your forklift to heat up very fast is a dirty warehouse that is full of debris on the floors which will collect on the radiators preventing airflow. The best way to solve this is to ensure you keep your operating environment clean.


Overheating is one of the problems that will always lead to your forklift being inefficient during operations. However, most overheating problems can be prevented. Here are several ways you can do that;

Ensure your forklift is frequently maintained to identify issues like low coolant levels and damage to the radiators or fans.

Train/Retrain your forklift operators on the proper use of forklifts and implement measures that will guarantee that.

Operate your forklifts in shifts or frequent breaks to ensure they are well rested from operations in harsh conditions. It will also help if you kept your warehouse clean.

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