3 Common Forklift Engine Problems

3 Common Forklift Engine Problems

25th Sep 2020

There are so many benefits to ensuring your forklift is maintained on a regular basis. One of those benefits is keeping your forklift’s engine in top shape to avoid unnecessary down times. In today’s article, we look at some simple forklift engine problems that can be overcome by regular maintenance.

Low Oil Pressure

Your forklift comes with an oil pressure gauge that is quite vital when it comes to notifying you about the oil pressure problems with your engine. Normally there will be a red indicator light that will light up when the oil pressure in your engine is very low. Operating a forklift at this point is not advisable therefore immediately you see the indicator you should notify your supervisor or maintenance personnel. Additionally, you could check for any spills and ensure you highlight them for cleaning to prevent further accidents.

Overheated Engine

An overheated engine is a common occurrence especially with forklifts and it usually leads to unnecessary downtime. Most of the times the engine will overheat if there is debris in the radiator that prevents normal airflow or there are low levels of coolant in the engine. Once you notice an overheated engine you should ground the forklift and allow the engine system to cool down before maintenance personnel can trace the cause and take the necessary steps. For this to be possible, make sure you report a malfunctioning forklift to your supervisor so that they can liaise with the maintenance department for repairs.

High Transmission Temperature

When the transmission fluid levels are low in your forklift then the transmission will begin to overheat to a point where the engine is at risk of damage. Luckily for you, your forklift comes with a transmission temperature gauge that will notify you using an indicator light every time there is a high transmission temperature. It is recommended that when you notice a signal from this indicator you should ground the forklift and check for any leaks or spillages that need to be cleaned.

Take note that when you go for long periods without scheduling the recommended maintenance for your forklift you risk encountering frequent engine problems. For instance, you might experience oil pressure problems that make it inconvenient to operate the forklift. You could also experience an overheated engine that is due to poorly maintained radiators or low coolant levels. High transmission pressure is also a common engine problem that basically comes about when the transmission fluid levels are low. 

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