21x7x15 and 16x5x10-1/2 Made In USA Cushion Solid Tires | 4X DEAL

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21x7x15 and 16x5x10-1/2 Made In USA Cushion Solid Tires or 4X DEAL


2PK  21x7x15 | 2PK  16x5x10-1/2  



Black Rubber Cushion Solid Tires for Indoor / Outdoor Forklifts

Millennium Cool Runner | Manufactured in America



High tensile rubber with superior flexibility supports a cushion ride in dynamic applications

Overall Diameter" x Section Width" x Inside Diameter"


Choose Your Forklift's Footprint:

All Smooth for the Most Rubber 

Total Traction for the Most Grip

Traction Drive | Smooth Steer for Dynamic Operations


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Any Commercial Address in the lower 48 contiguous USA with the ability to unload


May need to be manufactured.  Processing Time: 0.5 - 7 business days depending on availability

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