​Five Safety Tips You Simply Cannot Ignore

​Five Safety Tips You Simply Cannot Ignore

​Five Safety Tips You Simply Cannot Ignore

8th Dec 2021

Answer: Safety is a very broad subject and luckily we have covered some very vital aspects of it in our blog extensively. Here are some of the tips you can use to ensure your operations are always safe.

Making Use of Floor Markings

When the workers can easily find their way around the warehouse then accidents can be reduced to a great degree. For instance, the pedestrians will know the areas that are off-limits to avoid getting crushed by forklifts. Markings really help with this as they show the workers the directions to key areas such as the loading docks, hazard-prone areas, and emergency exits.

Provide Proper Ventilation

It is always important to ensure the air quality is the best for your workers to be more productive. Install CO monitors to detect the build-up of CO in the warehouse. Ensure your machines are scheduled for frequent maintenance. Also, limit the use of the internal combustion engines trucks in restricted areas within the warehouse.

Avoid Unstable Load

Load stability basically relies on the position of the center of gravity you can never go wrong with these tips. Avoid traveling with the load elevated and always balance any uneven or longer load. Discourage overloading the forklift and tilt the mast is occasions when you need to shift the combined center of gravity of the forklift and load to a more stable position.

Observe Floor Safety

Forklifts are normally designed to perform optimally in different kinds of surfaces. However, there are some surfaces that are still risky for forklift operation. For example, slippery surfaces can make your forklift slide out of control leading to serious accidents. Other potentially hazardous surfaces are uneven surfaces that can cause your forklift to tip over. You should also be wary of weak surfaces that can't handle weight beyond a certain limit.

Be Wary Of Falling Objects

Falling Objects are also a major cause of accidents in warehouses but there are several measures that you can take. Ensure your forklift has a proper functioning overhead guard to protect you from falling objects. In addition to this, it is important you always keep your body parts within the cabin of the forklift. While you are out of the forklift always ensure you have your hard hat on. The load backrest will also prove vital in some instance as it prevents the load from falling over while being raised.

Although this list is not exhaustive it will surely provide you with a proper ground to ensuring warehouse safety. Let us know what you think.

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