Ways You Can Reduce Your Forklift Maintenance Bill

20th Nov 2021

Regular maintenance of a forklift is very important as it ensures that the forklift operates at maximum efficiency. In most cases, forklifts that are not regularly maintained are replaced much earlier than their useful life due to excessive wear and tear.

In this article, we look at a combination of three things that you should do consistently to ensure you keep your forklift maintenance bills manageable.

Work With Trained Personnel

Certified forklift operators are not only important for forklift safety but they are also crucial for lowering your forklift maintenance bill. A forklift operator who has gone through intense training is less likely to engage in terrible driving habits that expose their forklift to serious damage. Since the forklift will experience less damage the cost of repairs will also be very low.

Conduct Daily Checks

You should never miss conducting any pre-operational of post-operational check on your forklift if you want to spend less when it comes to maintenance. During these checks, you can easily spot the problems a forklift has and schedule them for maintenance. When you fail to perform these checks you will end up noticing problems when they are widespread and demand a hefty maintenance bill to rectify.

Maintain Your Forklift Regularly

In the course of use forklifts usually experience some level of wear and tear. What maintenance does is to ensure the effects of this wear and tear is controlled to keep the forklift operating at maximum efficiency. When you fail to maintain the forklift as needed the wear and tear will only accelerate and you will end up paying more to return the forklift to maximum efficiency.

One of the ways you can ensure that your forklift gets regular maintenance as is recommended is through the use of a forklift maintenance plan. A forklift maintenance plan is an arrangement where you have your forklift dealer offer maintenance services for your forklift over specified intervals

.Most plans will require you to pay a fixed monthly fee then provide you with experts to carry out your forklift maintenance or assist in case of any downtime.

A good maintenance plan will not only improve your forklift's efficiency but also offer the following benefits;

Damage Prevention

Non-electric forklifts usually have more move-able parts that experience continuous wear and tear due to friction. When these parts are not properly lubricated the wear and tear on them will be accelerated and the extent of damage more pronounced.

A good maintenance plan will ensure these vital components are looked into by experts and requisite repairs done promptly.

Saves You Money

A well put maintenance plan will also save you a lot of money in the long term. For instance, most forklift downtime are usually caused by forklift parts that have serious damage leading to failure during operation. Such downtime can impact the delivery of your operations and eventually your bottom line.

Lack of a proper maintenance plan will also see to it that you spend more during maintenance since you will, depending on your maintenance plan, be required to purchase new costly parts.

Accident Prevention

A good maintenance plan will also help you keep your work environment safe. This is because a considerable amount of forklift accidents are usually due to the failure of forklift parts.

What the maintenance plan will do is enable the experts to inspect the forklift and ensure the badly damaged parts are replaced in good time.

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