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Increase Efficiency by Buying The Right Cushion Press On

Increase Efficiency by Buying The Right Cushion Press On

Posted by on 10th Apr 2017 offers the right tires that for any application. Whether you're using it indoors, in refrigeration, dirt, gravel and pavement, or more extreme applications, will supply you with a complete solution for your industrial tires and wheels. Below is a brief overview of the types of Cushion Press Ons we offer to make it easier for you, our valued customers.

USA MADE - Cushion Press Ons - Our manufacturer can create any ring-type tire you need. Just ask us, or choose one of the options on our List.
    COOL RUNNER - A Cooler Running USA-Made Tire. We sell this as our Standard USA-Made Forklift Tire
    NON-MARKING - This compound is the tire for CLEAN and OSHA-REQUIRED warehouses
    WIDETRAK - Limited to certain sizes, these tires have a wider footprint for applications that require increased stability

USA MADE - Polyurethane Press Ons - Our manufacturer can infuse these poly compounds with different methods of traction upon request. Once again, Just ask us, or choose one of the options on our Poly List
    92A - A 92 Durometer (Hardness) tire that we sell as our Standard USA-MADE Electric Forklift Tire
    SPS- A Softer poly tire, meant for applications such as refrigeration
    HYLOAD - This is our toughest Off-The-Shelf Poly we supply, meant for heavier applications
    CUSTOM - We can produce any Tire and Wheel for even the most niche of applications. Please contact us for more information

IMPORT - Cushion Press Ons - Do you need forklift tires and you don't want some cheap, unreliable tire? When our customers order these tires, we only choose the best and most customer approved selection when we ship these out. Available in Non Marking as well. See our LIST HERE

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