7.00x12 and 6.50x10

  • 7.00-12 5 6-Hole and 6.50-10 5 6-Hole Solid Pneumatic TWA or 4X DEAL

    Package Set of Assemblies for Forklifts | Resilient Solid Tires on Wheels

    7.00-12 (5") 6-Hole and 6.50-10 (5") 6-Hole Solid Pneumatic TWA | 4X DEAL

    Availability [2 tires of each size] 7.00x12 (5" RIM WIDTH) SOLID PNEUMATIC TIRE FOR FORKLIFTS AND OTHER APPLICATIONS MOUNTED ON 12x5 6-Hole Two-Piece Split Wheel Due to some variation in Wheel vs Model NumbersPlease Check and Make Sure Your Wheels Match...

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