14.00-24 (385/95-24) EliteXP Premium Solid Forklift Tire (10.00 Rim)

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14.00-24 (385/95-24) Trelleborg Elite XP Solid Forklift Tire (10.00 Rim)



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14.00-24 (385/95-24) Trelleborg Elite XP Pneumatic-Shaped Solid Forklift Tire (10.00 Rim)

Technical Specs

  • Condition: New

  • Size: 14.00-24, 385/95-24

  • Rim Width: 10.00

  • Type: Solid

  • Brand: Trelleborg Elite XP

  • Model: Black Rubber, Non Marking

  • Weight: 847

    Overall Diameter: 52.2" | Sidewall Width: 13" | Static Load Cap: 30800 lbs



Elite XP resilient tires feature the Pit Stop Line wear indicator. The Pit Stop Line ensures that users get maximum whole-life value from their choice of tire by always replacing them at the right time and being able to keep forklift downtime to a minimum, as well as always knowing that their tires are safe to use.

The Elite XP’s square footprint provides excellent stability and greater contact area, which reduces uneven wear and results in a longer tire life.

Standard Black - Found on millions of Forklifts across the world, this solid tire, designed to run on both internal combustion and electric trucks, has solidified itself as the  Industry Standard

Non Marking - Choose this option to keep a clean warehouse (Complies with OSHA Regulations)