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10-16.5 (LSW 265/521) NHS Foam Filled Caterpillar Tire + Wheel Assemblies - Set of 4

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900.00 LBS
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10-16.5 (LSW 265/521) NHS Foam Filled Caterpillar Tire + Wheel Assemblies - Set of 4


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4x  - 10-16.5 (LSW 265/521) Non Highway Service Foam Filled Caterpillar Tire + Wheel Assemblies for CAT Skid Steers

Technical Specs

  • Condition: Foam-Filled New Retread

  • Size: 10-16.5 (LSW 265/521)

  • Ply Rating: 10PR

  • Tread Depth 25/32"

  • Tire Height(OD): 31.5"
  • Type: Low Sidewall Tire and Wheel Assemblies (by McCoy's)

  • Wheel: 7 3/4" Backspacing (The bolt surface of the wheel is closer to the outside of the rim)



Sold as set of 4 - Tires and Wheels Assembled

Proudly Made in America


RETREAD LIMITED WARRANTY Every tire retreaded by us, bearing our name (“McCoy’s”) and date of manufacture code, is our “Special Service” tire designed and intended for non-highway service. Our “Special Service” tires are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials during the life of the tread, without limit to hours of service for 5 years. Original tread life is considered worn when the tread is worn to 2/32” In case of any failure, present the unserviceable tire to us. If our examination shows such retread has failed under the terms of this warranty, the unserviceable retread will be replaced with a retread of like size and type. Adjustments are made upon a prorated charge determined by the used tread depth and/or service received. In addition, any McCoy’s Special Service tire submitted for adjustment which our examination shows has failed from defect in workmanship or material during the first 10% of its tread life will be replaced without charge on the same tire casing. If the tire can no longer be retreaded, we will retread a similar casing of the same size. We will not adjust such retreaded tire when it has failed as a result of use other than non-highway service, overload, excess speed (speed limit for non-highway service tires is 15-35mph), improper inflation, wheel misalignment, damage caused by abuse, collision, accident, fire or vandalism, when it has been used on improper rims, when beads have been damaged or broken because of improper mounting procedures or for other non-defective conditions or defects inherent in the tire casing itself. Once retreaded, all pneumatic Special Service Tires require a tube, even those that were “tubeless” when new. Failure to use a proper size tube in a pneumatic Special Service retread will void this warranty. Any tire, no matter how well constructed, may fail in service or otherwise become unserviceable due to conditions beyond the control of the manufacturer. Nothing in this warranty is intended to be a representation by McCOY’S INDUSTRIAL TIRE, that tire failures cannot occur. This warranty does not cover nor extend to incidental or consequential damage. No representative has authority to make any representation, promise or agreement except as stated herein.